Fiocchi Ammo

In 1877 the Giulio Fiocchi Enterprise began manufacturing sporting ammunition. Since then Fiocchi has produced a variety of ammunition from their plants in Italy and Missouri. Fiocchi makes world class shotgun ammunition, as well as NATO specification ammo for military use.
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  1. Fiocchi 308 Win Ammo - 20 Rounds of 165 Grain SPBT Ammunition

    Image For 20 Rounds Of 165 Grain SPBT Boxer Brass 308 Win Fiocchi Ammunition


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    • 20 Rounds
    • Made by Fiocchi
    • Foreign Discount Range
    • $1.23 Cost Per Round
    • Fiocchi SKU 308D
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History of Fiocchi Ammunition

In 1876 Giulio Fiocchi was working for a bank in Milan, Italy. He was sent to Lecco, Italy, to collect on a loan that was given to a black powder and musket manufacturer. Upon researching the situation with the borrower, Giulio determined that the borrower was not able to make repayment. Giulio began to consider ammunition manufacturing as a possible business venture, as metallic ammunition was a new and blossoming market. He contacted his brother Giacomo and together they persuaded Giulio’s bank to loan him the money to buy the insolvent company. In 1877, the Giulio Fiocchi Enterprise began to manufacture ammunition.

The primary focus at Fiocchi began with sporting and hunting ammunition. However, during WWI Fiocchi did produce ammunition for the Italian army. During WWII the factory was seized by the German army, however, as Allied forces began to close in around them, the German army attempted to destroy the factory. They were stopped by the factory employees. Unfortunately, the factory was almost destroyed by Allied bombers soon after.

After WWII, the Fiocchi family decided to rebuild their factory. When they did, it was with the most modern design and technology available. This allowed Fiocchi to produce the most advanced ammunition of the time. These advantages helped Fiocchi to keep pace with the expanding ammunition market of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

The company also began to market this new and improved ammunition to a wider audience. This led to a short lived agreement with Smith and Wesson in the 1950’s to produce ammunition at a plant in Alton, Illinois. In 1983, the Fiocchi family returned to the United States, this time to Missouri, where they began to lay the groundwork for a factory that produces virtually all ammunition that is sold in the United States under the Fiocchi name.

Today Fiocchi continues to produce high quality ammunition that is recognized as some of the best available. The company makes shotgun shells for world class shotgun competition and competitors. Fiocchi also produces ammunition that is certified as being within NATO specification.

Fiocchi is also an innovator in the ammunition field, with Cyalume Chemtracer shotgun shells, and the Canned Heat line of products, Fiocchi shows that it is responsive to the needs of the market. Also, the introduction of the Cowboy Action Line and the Tundra Rifle line, Fiocchi shows that it is also aware of the directions the ammunition market is heading.

With a strong history, a commitment to remaining on the leading edge of quality and meeting customers’ needs, Fiocchi will likely continue to expand its’ influence and popularity among the American shooting sports market.

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Arthur Noren ( Tue, 17 Jul 2012 09:37:43 +0000 ) : What is:.22FMR,.22LR,.22 Long,.22Magnum and what is the difference and general usage of each?
Robert Gerk ( Fri, 18 Jan 2013 02:01:52 +0000 ) : if you need ammo because every one is freaking out here in the u.s., you can order from over seas legally thru this company.( just saying).
Fiocchi Ammo Customer Reviews
  • Click To Purchase This 32 ACP Fiocchi Ammunition
  • chrismyster said: "great bullets/no problems/good price/would buy again"
  • Bryan in California said: "Made it to my house in 1week = great shiping at a great price. You guys have a new custermer Thanks"
  • DK said: "Ammo came faster than tracking. Great ammo. Does what the add says. NO misfires. Will be ordering more at later date. "
  • pabear said: "your ammo is a great buy and I will use your company more."
  • lgvelez said: "Excellent ammo! I have shot 200 rounds and no FTE or FTF. I will be buying more."
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  • Click To Purchase This 9mm Fiocchi Ammunition
  • freejac said: "I purchased 250 rounds of this ammo, and was totally taken back by the response time getting the ammo. I ordered on saturday night online, received it tuesday afternoon. I have since run one box through my Suomi M31, a Finnish sub machine gun, and it fired flawlessly. No hangs, no misfires, no low blow back pressures. And the price was great. Only problem ( non problem) was one box busted open in shipping, go figure Fed-Ex with the gorilla baggage handlers.... ;-)"
  • vtsnow said: "I've only shot 50 rounds so far, but the Fiocchi 9mm 115gr. FMJ round seems pretty good. A little dirtier than expexted, but no misfeeds or FTFs so I am happy. A little more expensive than the S&B ammo that I prefer."
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  • cjbaltes said: "Barely had to clean my rifle after shooting an entire box and had my rifle dialed in very quickly as a result of very little shot variation using this ammo."
  • spymyeyes said: "This is without a doubt the CLEANEST ammo I have ever bought. The lead nose is painted so zero lead fingers! Every round went bang and cycled perfectly. Keep up the great work!"
  • Click To Purchase This 357 Magnum Fiocchi Ammunition
  • Doug said: "This ammo would not function two rounds in a row in my firearm. I had problems with rounds loading from the magazine, and I had rounds fail to eject cleanly. I did shoot some one at a time and the accuracy was not up to snuff with other brands. This pistol can be finicky with this type of bullet, but it really didn't like this load. "
  • Bret said: "I have used other Fioochi ammo with my .357 handgun and my carbine with no problems and this ammo continues that excellent performance. Shoots well and fed without a hitch. "
  • Click To Purchase This 38 Super Fiocchi Ammunition
  • Shadow 2 said: "I have a Witness 38 Super. Eaa recommends you should not use +P ammo in this weapon.I use Fiocchi 129gr FMJ or Armscor 125gr FMJ. I fired 400rds of each,so far no problem.I like this ammo and I will keep on using it.As for Ammo Net,this is a great place to shop.There prices are fair and there service is great and fast.The people there care about what you want and need.After you order,they will contact you to make sure everything went well.What more could you ask for.Thanks Ammo Net."
  • Click To Purchase This 22 WMR Fiocchi Ammunition
  • 243dave said: "My old 22 Mag rifle is load sensitive but performs well with the Fiocchi soft points. I get sub-half inch groups at a measured 50 yds from the bench with them vs 1-1/4" from CCI and 3/4" from Winchester hollowpoints. FMJs from both shoot a 1/4" better. I dropped a point on performance because I have not tested it on game animals yet. I don't hunt with this rifle much because I found the hollow point offerings from CCI & Winchester too explosive for squirrels and lacking penetration on larger game like small pigs. The FMJ offerings do not incapacitate small game like squirrels except on direct nrevous system hits. If the softpoints prove to be the compromise I hope they are, I will make an effort to tune this rifle and use it more. FWIW: I also get near benchrest accuracy from the Fiocchi Hi-Vel ammo in 22LR."