357 Sig Ammo

Designed in 1994, the intent of the .357 SIG was to replicate the effectiveness of the .357 Magnum in a cartridge that was designed for use in a semi-auto pistol.  This design has been very successful and has become well respected among law enforcement agencies.
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  1. Winchester 357 SIG Ammo - 50 Rounds of 125 Grain JHP Ammunition

    Image For 50 Rounds Of 125 Grain JHP Boxer Brass 357 Sig Winchester Ammunition


    $40.00 Price
    In stock now
    • 50 Rounds
    • Made by Winchester
    • American-made Discount Defense
    • 80¢ Cost Per Round
    • Winchester SKU USA357SJHP
    • UPC 020892213197
  2. Speer 357 Sig Ammo - 50 Rounds of 125 Grain JHP Ammunition

    Image For 50 Rounds Of 125 Grain JHP Boxer Nickel-Plated Brass 357 Sig Speer Ammunition


    $45.00 Price
    In stock now
    • 50 Rounds
    • Made by Speer
    • American-made Self-Defense
    • 90¢ Cost Per Round
    • Speer SKU 53918
    • UPC 076683539182
  3. Hornady 357 Sig Ammo - 20 Rounds of 147 Grain JHP Ammunition

    Image For 20 Rounds Of 147 Grain JHP Boxer Brass 357 Sig Hornady Ammunition


    $20.00 Price
    In stock now
    • 20 Rounds
    • Made by Hornady
    • American-made Self-Defense
    • $1.00 Cost Per Round
    • Hornady SKU 9131
    • UPC 090255391312
  4. Corbon 357 Sig Ammo - 20 Rounds of 125 Grain JHP Ammunition

    Image For 20 Rounds Of 125 Grain JHP Boxer Brass 357 Sig Corbon Ammunition


    $28.00 Price
    In stock now
    • 20 Rounds
    • Made by Corbon
    • American-made Self-Defense
    • $1.40 Cost Per Round
    • Corbon SKU SD357SIG125/20
    • UPC 757750355309
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History of 357 Sig Ammunition

The .357 SIG was introduced in 1994 by SIG-SAUER and Federal Premium Ammunition. The idea behind the creation of the cartridge was that the power of the .357 Magnum would be put in a rimless cartridge and be designed specifically for use in semi-automatic pistols. The .357 Magnum with a 125 grain bullet has been a proven self-defense round for years. Police agencies routinely issued it in service revolvers, but the popularity of the 9mm and .40 S&W largely pushed the .357 Mag. out of law enforcement circles.

Enter the .357 SIG. This cartridge has a case that is based on a .40 S&W case but necked down to accept 0.355 bullets. This creates a case that will hold enough powder as well as contain the pressures needed to propel 125 grain bullets in excess of 1350 feet per second. This gives superior performance as evidenced by muzzle energy in excess of 500 foot pounds, this puts the .357 SIG is in the same class as the .357 Magnum when using the 125 grain bullets.

A big advantage is that the .357 SIG is specifically designed to function in semiautomatic pistols, and many .40 S&W pistols will be able to shoot the .357 SIG with just a change of the barrel. Another positive point about the cartridge is that the recoil is comparable to the .40 S&W. This would make the recoil noticeably less than that of the .357 Magnum, the cartridge that the .357 SIG was designed to emulate.

The .357 SIG is not at the head of the pack as far as handgun cartridges used in the law enforcement community go. But, the .357 SIG has several prominent law enforcement agencies that use it as their issue sidearm cartridge. The Texas Highway Patrol was the first major law enforcement agency to use the .357 SIG as its’ primary duty cartridge in 1995. Federal Agencies using the .357 SIG include the Secret Service, Bureau of Industry and Security and Air Marshals. States with law enforcement agencies that have used it, or are using it in their duty pistols include: Texas, North Carolina, Delaware, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Montana, Tennessee, Mississippi, New Mexico and Virginia. Numerous other agencies at the county and city level have also adopted the .357 SIG. Most are using SIG pistols; however, the Glock 31 also has a strong presence.

Reports on the cartridges’ performance in defensive shootings are not as numerous as the .357 Magnum, but are showing that the .357 SIG is just as impressive as the cartridge it was designed to emulate. The .357 SIG is likely to have a long service life and will continue to serve both law enforcement and civilian users well.

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357 Sig Ammo Ammo Customer Reviews
  • Click To Purchase This 357 Sig Federal Ammunition
  • spike said: "Ammo arrived promptly and performed as expected."
  • Sam said: "I feel that due to the few numbers per capita of the .357 Sig guns, the demand isn't so high which makes even the practice loads high in comparison to o ther calibers. This ammo shoots very well and is close to my carry load (Gold Dot) in felt recoil. Over all very good and I will buy more later. Cheers, Sam"
  • Click To Purchase This 357 Sig MBI Ammunition
  • The Greek said: "ammo performed well no miss feeds or failures to go boom. would hope in the future that the packing would include a box with a tray just a thought. not the hottest load ive ever shot but all in all a good target load."
  • Carlos said: "Well shooting ammo, no FTE or FTF. Solid plastic bag, some brass casing mixed in with nickel case, but did not affect quality. As soon as back in stock, I will be buying more. Thanks"
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  • suap said: "One would be hard pressed to find a better price, better quality or better performing ammo that is used for practice and 'plinking'. I went through all the ammo on this order and was very satisfied with my purchase. I had no misfires, no jamming or excessive dirt build up. I will certainly continue to buy from Ammo.net and Ammo.net will be the first ammunition supplier I look to for quality and value in my purchases. Thank you Ammo.net for your commitment to our 2nd Amendment."