270 Win Short Magnum Ammo

Designed by Israel Military Industries to be used in countries that do not allow civilian use of the 9x19mm, the 9x21mm can also be found in use by USPSA/IPSC practical pistol competitors mostly in open division firearms.
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  1. Winchester 270 Win Short Mag Ammo - 20 Rounds of 150 Grain PP Ammunition

    Image For 20 Rounds Of 150 Grain PP Boxer Brass 270 Win Short Mag Winchester Ammunition


    $37.00 Price
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    • 20 Rounds
    • Made by Winchester
    • American-made Range
    • $1.85 Cost Per Round
    • Winchester SKU X270WSM
    • UPC 020892213395
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History of 270 WSM Ammunition

The 270 Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) was developed by Winchester in 2002 with the intent on improving on the iconic .270 Winchester. The cartridge was created by using the .300 Winchester Short Magnum case and necking it down to accept a .277 caliber bullet. The resulting increase in performance far outshines the .270 Winchester and in some cases will even meet the .270 Weatherby Magnum in performance.

There are several excellent factory loads available for the 270 WSM from a few major producers. Winchester makes 130 through 150 grain bullets that have been noted to be very effective on game ranging from deer to elk. Several specialty bullets can be had in factory loadings, Nosler Partition and Accubond as well as Barnes TSX bullets are just a few of the choices. Velocities of the 270 WSM range from almost 3300 feet per second in the 130 grain bullet to about 3100 feet per second with a 150 grain bullet.

Accuracy is the benchmark of any hunting cartridge and the 270 WSM delivers. Three shot groups that measure less than one inch at 100 yards are not uncommon. This is due in large part to the case design that makes for a more even powder burn in the shorter and wider case. This allows for more consistent shot to shot performance. Another benefit of the more uniform powder burn is that the more efficient that the powder burns, the less powder is needed to achieve the desired velocities. This means that the cartridge will generate less felt recoil when compared to similar cartridges.

One of the greatest benefits of the cartridge is that rifles built for it use a short action such as the Winchester Model 70 and the Browning BAR. This makes the rifle lighter and quicker to operate, especially for hunters of smaller stature. Hunters will also appreciate that the cartridge functions well in 23 and 24 inch barrels. When this is combined with shorter barrel length, and a lighter stock, feasible because of the reduced recoil, the 270 WSM is a very appealing cartridge.

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