25-06 Ammo

The .25-06 is a great choice for varminting and hunting game as large as elk this is because of the wide variety of bullets for the .25-06. Based on the venerable .30-06 the .25-06 offers a lighter, faster and flatter shooting bullet that excels at long ranges.

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History of .25-06 Remington Ammunition

Charles Newton was a rather well known ammunition designer of the early 20th century having designed the .22 Savage and the .250-3000 Savage as well as several other cartridges bearing the Newton designation. He also held patents for several projectile designs and firearms assemblies such as trigger groups.

Newton was a successful and fairly prolific inventor of ammunition and firearms mechanisms in his time. Of all his great inventions the one that is most well known is the .25-06. This cartridge was based on a .30-06 case that was necked down to accept a .257 inch diameter bullet. What resulted was an incredibly versatile cartridge that has come closer to the "one gun for it all occasions" than most other cartridges past or present.

In 1969, Remington took the wildcat cartridge and brought it into the mainstream by offering the Model 700 and the Model 40X rifles with .25-06 chamberings. Since then, several other manufacturers have picked up production of the .25-06 in both rifles and ammunition.

The .25-06 will launch a 100 grain bullet out of a rifle muzzle at 3230 feet per second. This results in a muzzle energy of over 2300 foot pounds. The bullet weights can range from 87 to 130 grains and there are currently no less than seventeen different loads from various manufacturers on the market today. These loads allow the shooter to pursue a wide variety of game. From prairie dogs to elk, the .25-06 has taken them all with ease.

A big advantage of the .25-06 is that it is a powerful cartridge with moderate recoil. This allows for a lighter rifle than other similarly powerful calibers. This is illustrated when one compares the felt recoil of an 8 pound .270 Winchester rifle firing a 130 grain bullet, to the .25-06 in a 6.5 pound rifle firing the same bullet. The recoil is described as virtually identical. Although this may not seem like a major advantage, think how much an extra pound and a half would feel after a daylong hike in the mountains pursuing that trophy elk.

The .25-06 still maintains its place in the list of most popular hunting cartridges in the United States, and with good reason. The versatility and portability of this caliber make it a great addition to any hunter's collection!

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David Cowan ( Wed, 03 Apr 2013 15:22:18 +0000 ) : My son and I each have a Voere (German) in.25-06. They are amazingly accurate. However, they are short-throated and will not accept 117 or 120 grain rounds. My son has taken 4 deer out to 250 yards using 100 grain ammo, and it works first time, every time.