223 Ammo

Since its introduction in 1964 the .223 Remington has been popular for several different applications. The US military and many government agencies use this cartridge as their primary rifle ammunition. Hunters have found the .223 an excellent choice for varmint hunting.
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  1. Remington 223 Rem Ammo - 20 Rounds of 55 Grain PSP Ammunition

    Image For 20 Rounds Of 55 Grain PSP Boxer Brass 223 Rem Remington Ammunition


    $22.75 Price
    In stock now
    • 20 Rounds
    • Made by Remington
    • American-made Discount Range
    • $1.14 Cost Per Round
    • Remington SKU R223R1
    • UPC 47700050904
  2. Hornady 223 Rem Ammo - 20 Rounds of 75 Grain HPBT Ammunition

    Image For 20 Rounds Of 75 Grain HPBT Boxer Brass 223 Rem Hornady Ammunition


    $25.00 Price
    In stock now
    • 20 Rounds
    • Made by Hornady
    • American-made Range
    • $1.25 Cost Per Round
    • Hornady SKU 8026
    • UPC 090255380262
  3. Federal 223 Rem Ammo - 20 Rounds of 64 Grain SP Ammunition

    Image For 20 Rounds Of 64 Grain SP Boxer Brass 223 Rem Federal Ammunition


    $25.00 Price
    In stock now
    • 20 Rounds
    • Made by Federal
    • American-made Range
    • $1.25 Cost Per Round
    • Federal SKU 223L
    • UPC 0-29465-09504-8
  4. Winchester 223 Rem Ammo - 20 Rounds of 55 Grain PSP Ammunition

    Image For 20 Rounds Of 55 Grain PSP Boxer Brass 223 Rem Winchester Ammunition


    $25.00 Price
    In stock now
    • 20 Rounds
    • Made by Winchester
    • American-made Self-Defense
    • $1.25 Cost Per Round
    • Winchester SKU RA223R
    • UPC 020892213333
  5. TulAmmo 223 Rem Ammo - 1000 Rounds of 55 Grain FMJ Ammunition

    Image For 1000 Rounds Of 55 Grain FMJ Steel 223 Rem TulAmmo Ammunition


    $325.00 Price
    In stock now
    • 1000 Rounds
    • Made by TulAmmo
    • Discount Steel
    • 32.5¢ Cost Per Round
    • TulAmmo SKU TA223550
    • UPC 814950016154
  6. PMC 5.56x45 Ammo - 1000 Rounds of 55 Grain FMJ Ammunition

    Image For 1000 Rounds Of 55 Grain FMJ Boxer Brass 5.56x45 PMC Ammunition


    $525.00 Price
    In stock now
    • 1000 Rounds
    • Made by PMC
    • Foreign Discount Range
    • 52.5¢ Cost Per Round
    • PMC SKU 5.56X / XP193
    • UPC 20741569010119
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History of 223 Remington Ammunition

The .223 Remington cartridge was introduced to the civilian market in January of 1964. In February of 1964, the United States Air Force adopted the cartridge as the 5.56x45mm for use in their new M-16 rifles. The .223 was the released to the civilian market as a rifle cartridge to be used as a varmint and predator hunting cartridge.

This mild recoiling cartridge would prove popular among several shooting disciplines and firearms applications. Varmint and predator hunters were the initial focus of the .223 Remington. The flat shooting and excellent accuracy of the cartridge were admired by the hunters who found it effective on small vermin up to medium size predators, such as coyote, out to 300 yards. Some hunters use it on game as large as deer, but several jurisdictions do not allow the .223 to be used for deer hunting noting the bullet diameter or muzzle energy are not sufficient for a humane harvest.

The .223 Remington is also popular among competitive shooters as it can be found at Service Rifle and F-Class matches. Here it is used for precision shooting at ranges up to 1000 yards. The .223 is also popular among 3-gun shooters where the mild recoil allows for light rifles with high magazine capacity to be used for fast and accurate shooting.

Law enforcement agencies have also found the .223 Remington to be a valuable addition to their firearms cache. It can be found in patrol cars and used in place of the 12 gauge shotgun when a longer or more precise shot is needed. In addition to patrol duties, some departments have also found it to be useful for urban sniping operations.

The .223 Remington is actually a .224 diameter bullet. Its bullet weights commonly range from 36-77 grains. The muzzle velocities from a rifle span 2700 to 3700 feet per second, with muzzle energies from 1100-1300 foot pounds of energy. Since the .223 Remington is one of the most popular cartridges in America, firearms manufacturers are regularly expanding and refining their products chambered for the .223.

No discussion of this caliber would be complete without a mention of the AR-15 type rifles that are wildly popular. Some of these rifles are chambered for the .223 Remington, while others are chambered for the 5.56x45mm. The two cartridges are not the same. Due to different case dimensions, the 5.56 throat and case are designed in a way that if they are fired in a rifle chambered for .223, it will result in potentially dangerously high pressures. These pressures could damage the firearm and or the shooter. With that being said, the .223 ammunition can be used in firearms chambered for the 5.56mm with no ill effects.

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Jim Withrow ( Thu, 15 Nov 2012 00:22:54 +0000 ) : Yes I have use one, but I try yo hold to about 200 yards on our deer in SE Ga. Great Dane is bigger than most deer. If I was to buy another I would get 5.56 so I can shot both ammo.
Kim Shimkus ( Sun, 13 Jan 2013 15:47:29 +0000 ) : yes it will work for deer hunting and very Accurate as well.
Roy Harvill ( Sat, 09 Mar 2013 14:06:00 +0000 ) : The Ruger Mini-14 is the do it all.....(.223 or the 5.56).... Never shot a deer with one, but raised hell with the coyotes & other small "dog" type animals...the 223 round is one very easy for eveyone to play with targets in the 100 to 200 yard range, thanks for the fun......
Anthony A. Fernando ( Sat, 09 Mar 2013 14:41:49 +0000 ) : Too bad the cost of .223 ammo is sky-rocketing!
Juvs Madane ( Thu, 24 Jul 2014 10:31:36 +0000 ) : Too bad the cost of .223 ammo is sky-rocketing!
Roger Clark ( Fri, 19 Dec 2014 17:00:57 +0000 ) : Somebody please help me out. New to the .223 world what is the best bullet weight and bulk ammo combo. to use. Want to stock up in bulk before prices go any higher. Getting new gun for Christmas.
223 Ammo Ammo Customer Reviews
  • Click To Purchase This 5.56x45 Federal Ammunition
  • A65impalla said: "I was glad to find that Ammo.net had plenty of stock of this ammo. I searched the net of a lot of places, their prices are very competitive."
  • twolazy said: "I have not shot any of this batch or the batch prior, I haven’t even opened the boxes. I’m in high hopes I never have to open these boxes. I’ve used Federal 5.56 before and it is good stuff. Price is stiff, not as stiff as some I’ve seen. But then everything gun related is more expensive, isn’t it. Get it while the getting is good."
  • Doc said: "I guess a shortage in the ammo supply has driven the price up, as I found your ammo to be a bit more expensive than I had anticipated.. Regardless, the delivery time was exceptional & the ammo itself came in good condition and preformed well."
  • Tommy said: "I have already recommended it, that being said, it is a bit pricey. But considering that there is such a shortage, I was happy to have it. I get a small disability check once a month, so, I'll have to save more money."
  • CJ said: "The order was handled quickly and efficiently. I would recommend Ammo.net to anyone who has stood in line trying to find ammo."
  • Adam said: "Good, Clean, ammo....pricey but what can ya do....fast delivery too I cant even find a die set to reload let alone the bullets or primers so this ammo will do untill times are better....if ever "
  • deaves1 said: "5 stars"
  • Don said: "Nice to know where to locate ammo after this BS of low production and high demand."
  • Joe-we-had-a-baby-it's-a-boy said: "Ammo was well packed, but the tins came in a bit banged up. Ammo was clean in good shape but stripper clips showed moisture damage with minor rust making it hard to load with the speed loader. The cost was deffently high and go figure right after I ordered I found 1000rnds of loose pack 62gr lake city for the same price as one tin of 420rnds, but finding 556 ammo these days is deffently a gamble of finding it and its price! Hopefully all this Bull will be over soon!"
  • mrob6868 said: "Good and clean, but a little pricey."
  • nikpac said: "good clean ammo and a great overall value"
  • trooper said: "This ammo package is over twice as expensive as it should be. If you don't reload your own .223 just go with Wolf... "
  • jj said: "a good qalityt shell cida "
  • Gilbert said: "good"
  • Gilbert said: "good clean ammo sum what pricey but good over all"
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  • Click To Purchase This 223 Rem Federal Ammunition
  • JC said: "I have a Colt which is can be picky on ammo. I have never had a jam with this Federal 223 ammo. ammon.net was fast and great to work with. my only complaint is the current prices everywhere right now."
  • Hooter said: "Ammo is great shooting, clean, no problems. Shipping on time and great service. The recent worldwide increase in ammo prices are ridiculous. Not a lot you can do about it, though"
  • james said: "ammo shot fine, fast service great prices"
  • Stricky323 said: "Great ammo. No issues while shooting. Good price. Highly recommend. "
  • Brian said: "Great ammo for weekend shooting, good price and fast shipping "
  • Sandy said: "The ammo arrived on my birthday and it was the highlight of my day. My order was filled and sent to me so fast I was pleasantly surprised. The cartridges are of the highest quality, not musty surplus like some folks are selling. Very happy, thank you."
  • Retired Sarge said: "My first time using the rifle I used this ammo. On a 10 inch dirty bird target I was able to land consistent groupings .I was able to land 59 out of 60 rounds in the 9 ring or better. The order was shipped and I received it on the third day. Service is excellent."
  • stan said: "very happy ,with the ammo, no jam ups,carb build up is minor -compare to wolf. price is affordable for the weekend shooter. Quality of the ammo is very very good for the price. also very happy with .ammo.net- getting the order out to me so i can blow up the targets.. i don t like waiting for my ammo- the last place had to wait three weeks,was not happy"
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  • Sharpshooter said: "I would defiantly recommend this to any AR owner! Clean, Good accuracy , No Misfires, No Fail To Eject, No Fail To Load just keep on shootin worry free! Normally it's a lot cheaper hopefully soon this ammo hording will stop and we can all get the fair market price. "
  • Tarpon said: "As expected"
  • NuSparkey said: "Nothing like using good ammo to make you feel good about yourself. Pushed it out to 300 meters and anything off target was probably my jittery finger. Cycled well under rapid fire. I like it!"
  • Rick said: "No FTF or FTE's in my Ruger Mini-14"
  • Jack said: "Great ammo and a very reasonable price. Great service."
  • skywarrior said: "Great fun ammo for steel targets."
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  • Click To Purchase This 223 Rem PMC Ammunition
  • ammosmurff said: "I've shot PMC ammo for years on the range, for .223, .45acp & 9mm, never had a misfire or failure to feed on any of my guns. Korean ammo is the only foreign ammo I'll buy!"
  • J A said: "I have not shot any of this ammo as of yet because it is down the line in my rotation. But I was comfortable purchasing PMC ammo as I've never had any bad ammo from the company. The price was right at the time so it was a good buy for me. I look forward to purchasing ammo from your site again, thank you..."
  • Dave said: "Very good ammo for the money! Reliable and accurate. Can't ask for anything more than that. "
  • dkmatthews said: "There's no doubting the quality of PMC Bronze. It's super reliable in every firearm. Thanks for a good deal on the case of ammo."
  • chris said: "I have a remington Model 700sps varmint 223. with a bull barrel, n added a bipod, and a Barska 4-14 x 40 scope. i picked up a fiew boxes of the pmc bronze boat tail ammo in 55 grain simply because they wer only 7.25 for a box of 20. i was realy surprised on how consistant they wer. i placed 18 outa 20 rounds in a 3 inch circle at 150 yds. with a slight breeze. over all im realy pleased with this product, and will continue to use, an recommend this ammo."
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  • Click To Purchase This 5.56x45 PMC Ammunition
  • Runner said: "PMC is a very reliable ammunition , I would not hesitate to use if for self defense. It shot well and now that I have shot it and used it all, I`ll need to order more. BTW , I use PMC in my handgun for home protection and it is as good as it gets and the 5.56x45 is as great . "
  • MM said: "I shot about 200 rounds through my brand new SIG716. The very first 3-4 rounds wouldn't feed perfectly, but I attribute this to the brand spanking new equipment. After that, rifle and ammo performed flawlessly. Not a single issue with feeding, cycling, firing, etc. At 150 yards, I had all shots within about 2-3 inches using a cheap scope and no rest. Great product and especially GREAT SERVICE! Thank you guys!!!"
  • D said: "Great customer service, placed the order last friday fully expecting not to get the order with all that is going on, you won't find a better company to deal with, as for the Ammo, top notch perfect for my use."
  • CowwFace said: "I got this for taking to the range, went through about 100 rounds and zero duds. works perfectly in 2 AR's. We were using Red-Dot scopes, and hit what we were aiming at about 100 yrds away. I would highly recommend this ammo."
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  • Click To Purchase This 5.56x45 Federal Ammunition
  • gokart04 said: "Finally got to shoot some of this the other day. Worked well and shot consistant/accurate. No feeding or fire failures out of about 100 rounds in my BCM AR-15. I feel the price is a bit too high at this time. "
  • J.W. said: "These were the first rounds shot through my ar. I have no complaints, it cycles fine even through rapid firing. I would definitely buy these again."
  • H.D. said: "Works great, cycles fine, glad I found your sight."
  • Pat said: "This is excellent ammo. Velocity is up there, at least in my 20" barrel DTI ar 15. Kinda lucky to buy this cheap ammo and get it to shoot the way this stuff did. I love being able to buy metal cases as well as brass cases. The metal are non-reloadable and it's nice to just shoot these and not worry about looking after shooting. I worry about the future of buying ammo over the 'net in the future. Here in Illinois our great governor Quinn moves on every front to close the avenues to get ammo. Good Shooting to All "
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  • Click To Purchase This 223 Rem Federal Ammunition
  • Earl the Pearl said: "Never had a problem, fed and fired always."
  • Darryl said: "Wasn't expecting the shipment so fast, fired from my rifles without problem dead on target."
  • Medic505 said: "Shot well from a Bushmaster m-4 and even better from a Savage Mod.10 heavy barrel. Pounding a spray paint can with every shot at 300 yards. Best price I've found for factory loaded rounds. Service was great. Arrived 3 days after order."
  • Willy said: "I have a Colt AR15, SP-1, which was the closest thing I could find to the M-16 I had in Vietnam. I also have a Ruger Mini-14 with a Bushnell red-dot. Both held their groups at 100 yards with this ammo. I shoot 5 shot 3" groups with both guns at that range on a bench without any support but my forearm. I shoot the SP-1 on a sandbag at 200 yards with the same group. The Ruger fall off badly at that range; gun's fault. Your ammo is fine. I can do better on the price but your service is good."
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  • Click To Purchase This 223 Rem Wolf Ammunition
  • TedG said: "Fired about 100 rounds. No misfeeds, no duds, no significant accuracy loss over green-tips at 100yrds. I did notice that the spent casings actually eject a little differently (more to the rear and in a tighter grouping). This is actually nice for me because, when I fire federals, about 1/2 of the brass flies out the window of my shooting hut while the Wolf "brass" piles up in a neat little spot next to me on the inside of the hut. The price is right - highly recommended for plinking! "
  • myob said: "good ammo"
  • Rick said: "Price was right, delivery was quick, Fed and ejected with no problems."
  • Jimbillyjoebob said: "You have to keep your AR clean no matter what ammo you feed it. I would not use this ammo for hunting if I had better available, but if you're going to be humming through 300+ rounds on an afternoon, it's hard to beat. Very rare misfeeds."
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  • Click To Purchase This 223 Rem Aguila Ammunition
  • Rodge said: "The service was excellent. The performance of the Aguila .223 Rem FMJ ammo is superior to ammo that cost more. It is excellent quality brass and I've not had a single failure to date in over 1250 rounds fired over a three month period."
  • Zombiesrnuts said: "Ammo.net had the best price per round for the Aguila and also was pleasantly surprised on the ease and quickness of the order and delivery! I'll always shop here first!"
  • JunkYard said: "Im amazed at the super fast service! I wil continue my shopping at Ammo.net. Thanks. "
  • Click To Purchase This 223 Rem TulAmmo Ammunition
  • Gunman8 said: "Good groups, quick delivery, great price. Thank you."
  • Larry N. said: "First let me start by saying the service I have received from Ammo.net has been EXCELLENT!!! As far as the TulAmmo 223 rem. 55gr FMJ product goes it is very reasonably priced and shoots very good groups out to 200 yds. I will warn anyone using this ammo on a regular basis you will need to clean the chamber of your rifle every 2 to 3 hundred rounds with Acetone. This will breakdown any lacquer buildup and stop any FTE's from happening. I have never had a dud round of Tula (unlike Wolf or Brown Bear) and I shoot alot of this stuff. I read poor reviews on this ammo quite often and it's all due to not cleaning the weapon properly."
  • JPM said: "Great ammo. Bought the 1000 round case, best price on the net. Fired about 200 with no problems, no jams or misfires. Fast shipping and good follow up. I would highly reccomend this ammo and this supplier."
  • Click To Purchase This 5.56x45 Prvi Partizan Ammunition
  • GearheadTony said: "I have tried several more expensive brands of 5.56 and .223, but none of them can match the performance per dollar of PRVI. This is now the only ammo I use in my AR. As for Lewmed's review above, my 16" AR with my not-so-steady trigger finger are able to make 2MOA groups at 100 yards. 4 to 5 inches?!?! Not in my rifle."
  • Lewmed said: " This is nice clean ammo that shoots and works in all 3 of my AR'S but it is not as accurate as mil. spec. ammo like lake city M193 My normal 21/2" 100 yard groups open up to 4 to 5" I'll use it for 50 yard range ammo."
  • Dorothy said: "Thought it wouldn't hurt to give it a shot. I was right."
  • Click To Purchase This 5.56x45 Federal Ammunition
  • murdock said: "62 grain shoots just fine. no jams. but that old vietnam ak will fire, even when dropped in mud, and water. thanks Im just glad you had the ammo, and the price was right."
  • Mikey A said: "As usual very prompt customer service and worry free shipping, love these guys & gals @ ammo.net Well I am no expert about ammo, but I will say that this ammo was performing better than some more expensive products. fresh and snappy, good penetration and groupings 2"-3" @ 200-300 yds, mini-14 1-9 twist , similar to SS109 m855 but heavier Gr. "
  • Click To Purchase This 223 Rem PMC Ammunition
  • BonzoDRmc said: "was my first purchase here, but WILL NOT be my last. great ammo and a even greater price. this seller is highly recomended. the ammo is top notch ammo. shoots clean and very acurate. like i said i WILL be getting more !!!"
  • Dave said: "Exellent value very clean shooting ammo... best choice for the money."
  • Click To Purchase This 5.56x45 PMC Ammunition
  • Nate said: "The ammo itself LOOKS beautiful compared to Lake City penetrators but I have not shot it yet so I can't comment on that. I paid more per round, but that is just the market, not Ammo.net."
  • Bigthiss said: "Great ammunition for the price. I used to buy the federal loose bulk ammo in 500 and 1000 but there were always at least 10-20 that were either faulty loads or misfired. This ammo is hands down the best for the price that I have purchased and shot. Highly recommend!! "
  • Click To Purchase This 223 Rem Federal Ammunition
  • Pogo said: "Consistent sub MOA groups with a Fulton Armory AR-15 A2, SS match barrel 1:9 twist. Compared to similar match loads by Black Hills, Remington and Hornady; factor of 2 improvement on accuracy with this Federal ammo. Ammo.net get more of this into stock! "
  • USMC1 said: "I have tried a number of rounds from flat base hollow point to ballistic tip's but I was not satisfied with the results. So, I tried the 69 grain BTHP match, I was very pleased with the results, much more consistent, however purchasing massed produced ammo for accuracy is not the way to go. If you shoot a lot, reloading your own ammo is the best way to ensure that every round is the same. I feel the value of the ammo is about average in cost. What I paid for the 40 rounds from ammo net including shipping I could buy the same at a local store, so not really a savings."
  • Click To Purchase This 223 Rem TulAmmo Ammunition
  • Willie said: "Haven't fired any yet."
  • Roadkingcsk said: "Tried shooting this in my Colt. Never had any problems with ammo before. Couldn't get the rounds to cycle. Put some cheap brass loads in and everything was fine. Plastic clips were annoying to get rounds free. Should not have bought as much of it as I did, not sure what the hell to do with it now. "
  • Click To Purchase This 223 Rem TulAmmo Ammunition
  • David said: "I ordered this ammo on a Monday and it was at my door on Friday! Considering that it had to be shipped four states away that is FAST shipping. I also like the fact that Ammo.net donates a portion of every sale to pro gun institutions. This is now my number one "go to" source for ammo."